"I am looking for a few more of my Dream Clients!"...
If That's You... I Will Personally Work With You One-On-One  To Double, even Triple the results in your business!
If your business meets any of these criteria, then this letter will be of great importance to you:
  • You own or operate a successful growth-oriented business that's not getting as much business, sales and profits as you would like (or as much as your competitors are getting)
  • You have "dead" customer lists or lots of prospects that you're not converting.
  • You're generating plenty of front-end sales, but you're not bringing enough profit to the bottom line.
  • You have a reasonably successful business, but you're stagnated.
  • Competitors are catching up with you and it's getting harder and harder to make a buck and stay ahead.
  • You could make a lot more money if you had a marketing genius working for you.
If any of these statements apply to you, you simply must read this no-risk offer to find out how to work directly with Ian Marsh and Street Smart marketing.  

"I saw my profits grow 300% in just two weeks!"
"We were able to go from 8 to 16 franchises in 12 months!  For EVERY dollar we put into Street Smart, we've gotten 8-10 dollars back!"
In fact, let me show you just a FEW of the people we have ALREADY helped to become millionaires:
If You Are Selected...
Each month we take on a few new clients and help them to double, triple and in a lot of cases (as you can see from our case studies) quadruple their companies...

And our track record with companies we decide to take on is almost flawless (and we'd like to keep it that way), so we only take on people and companies that we know we can help in a BIG way...

So, my question for you is...
Are You Qualified?
Remember, I'm sending this letter to nearly 5,000 business owners in Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia, looking for just a handful to work with.

This page is not selling anything... It's just a filter to see if YOU have what it takes to work directly with Street Smart Marketing to grow your company.  
What You Can Expect...
If you are selected to work with us, then we will show you how to Unleash the PROVEN Secret Techniques, High Profit Strategies and Covert Marketing Tactics Responsible for Creating Countless First Generation Business Millionaires and Multi-Millionaires in this Country…

Here are just a few of the things that you will discover:
  • A place where you are taught how to structure your business ready for your million dollar pay day
  • 3 power-packed days of cutting edge business building training delivered personally by the “Millionaire Maker” Mal Emery himself and the crack StreetSmart Team
  • World leading guests including international business experts giving you the latest business success information and systems
  • High-end environment for networking and joint ventures… you never know who you’ll meet… just one association, one new contact from an elite group like this is sometimes all it takes to skyrocket your results
  • A place where traditional thinking and beliefs about succeeding in business are challenged by controversial concepts and later shaped into stream-lined money making solutions. It’s a place where your biggest frustration can be flipped upside down and turned into a cash cow opportunity in just a one single conversation
  • All Business Schools are fully catered and held 3 times a year… Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Gold Coast… so no matter where you live you’ll have easy access
  • No B.S., fluff or theory… just real world strategies based on what’s working NOW you can take as your own and adopt for your business immediately.
"I've turned over $1.5 MILLION dollars the first year!"
"We went from running at a 30% loss to 278% profit in march!"
"We went from $800k a year to over 4 MILLION dollars per year!"
"We were turning over a million dollars... and now we're doing over 2 1/2 million a year!"
"One idea, in ONE night increased my bottom line by 12%!"
"We doubled our sales the first 6 months, and we've just doubled them again!  It's been life changing..."
What Are You Waiting For?  Apply Now!
"Ian is my most successful student, and later, after he became my business partner, he was able to more then 4X our company in just 3 years!  There is no one better suited for helping you to grow your company exponentially than Ian Marsh!"  - Mal Emery
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